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We're back! Join us on Wednesday, August 11th at 3pm for an
NCLINe Hangout: Prepping for (another) Weird Fall

In anticipation of yet another weird fall, we’re picking up where we left off after April’s great Share-out with a Hangout on August 11, 2021 from 3-4pm. To refresh your memory, NCLINe Hangouts are informal gatherings of academic librarians and library staff from across the state. They typically center on a theme and are designed to be opportunities to share and learn from each other - hopefully, the ideas exchanged will inform your teaching and student support.

For this Hangout, we’re preparing a series of guiding questions and small group discussions that address how things are shaping up at your institution and what your plans, hopes, and fears are heading into a new semester.

Please register for the (free) event at the following link:

We’ll also share information on other events we’re planning for the coming months and ways to get involved with NCLINe.

Grow with us.

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