Previous Events

May 2023 Share-out

Wednesday, May 17

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our May 2023 Share-out featured four presentations. Thanks to our speakers!

March 2023 Hangout

Wednesday, March 8

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our discussion will include our go-to teaching strategies and tools; techniques and materials we use to keep students engaged; and mechanisms and resources we rely on to continuously improve our teaching.

December 2022 Hangout

Wednesday, December 7

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our discussion will focus on teaching technology: What software or gadgets are you using in your instruction? Is there any instructional technology that you have been wanting to try?

October 2022 Hangout

Wednesday, October 19

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our discussion topics will continue some of the conversations we started at the ACRL-NC/NCLINe mini-conference on September 22, as well as reflect on this semester and instruction: What does “post-pandemic” library teaching look like for you? What have you learned about online, flexible, and/or hybrid instruction? How do you center students in your teaching, outreach, and other work? What wins are you celebrating, and what failures are you learning from?

Virtually Together: Enlightening the Future

Mini-conference co-sponsored by NCLINe and ACRL-NC

Thursday, September 22

9am - 1pm EST, via Zoom

See the conference webpage for more details.

May 2022 Share-out

Wednesday, May 18

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our May 2022 Share-out featured four presentations. Thanks to our speakers!

March 2022 Hangout

Wednesday, March 23

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our discussion topics will continue along thematic lines for where we are int he semester: What is the end of the semester looking like? What outreach ideas do you plan to implement? Any exciting summer projects? And how are we caring for ourselves and our colleagues? 

February 2022 Hangout

Wednesday, February 9

3pm EST, via Zoom

Our topic of discussion is: how it’s going. We’re nearly mid-way through yet another odd semester and what we’re all doing at our respective schools may end up being what library instruction looks like for the foreseeable future. So, we’ll talk about what that looks like, how it’s going, and how we’re thinking about instruction in this new reality. As the pandemic continues to evolve and our institutions respond in varied ways, we are left to figure out what is working, and what still needs work.

December 2021 Share-out

Wednesday, December 8
3pm EST, via Zoom

Our December 2021 Share-out featured three lightning talks. Thank you to all of the presenters!

October 2021 Hangout

Wednesday, October 13

3pm EST, via Zoom

With half the semester nearly in the rearview mirror, we’re continuing on a familiar theme and are interested to hear about how your instruction/learning is going as well as how you’re caring for yourselves, each other, and your students. 

August 2021 Hangout

Wednesday, August 11

3pm EST, via Zoom

For this Hangout, we’re preparing a series of guiding questions and small group discussions that address how things are shaping up at your institution and what your plans, hopes, and fears are heading into a new semester.  

April 2021 Share-out

Wednesday, April 14
3pm EST, via Zoom

Our April 2021 Share-out featured four lightning talks centered on the theme of inclusive teaching practices. Thank you to all of the presenters!

March 2021 Hangout

Wednesday, October 13

3pm EST, via Zoom

This month's theme was taken directly from the poll you completed after last month's Share-out and centers on what we’ve learned about engaging students in online library instruction during the pandemic. We look forward to an informal hour of sharing and learning. 

February 2021 Share-out

Wednesday, February 10
3pm EST, via Zoom

NCLINe's first Share-out featured four lightning talks followed by Q&A sessions. Thank you to all of the presenters!

January 2021 Hangout

Wednesday, January 13

3pm EST, via Zoom

We’ll have the opportunity to reconnect and think about our plans, challenges, and goals for the coming year. Please bring your Big Fails, Big Wins, and Big Dreams to share with the other attendees.  

Prepping Library Instruction for a Weird Fall Semester: An NCLINe Open Lab

Thursday, July 9th, 2020, 2pm EST, via Zoom

As we await the details of what our campuses will be doing this fall, academic library instructors are preparing for the inevitable -- we will be teaching online. Many COVID-19 teaching resources were rolled out this spring, but they focus on providing faculty with guidance for moving their semester-long courses online. Library instructors are often engaged with students in “one shot” sessions -- a context where building rapport with students and communicating with faculty are already challenging. It can be overwhelming to contemplate all the possible tools and methods for this new reality when we’re working from home and strapped for resources.

We invite you to join NCLINe for an open lab we’re calling Prepping Library Instruction for a Weird Fall Semester. This session will bring together library instructors from across North Carolina to share lessons learned from this spring’s successes and epic failures, as well as simple strategies for how we can engage students online and advocate for our vital role in the online classroom.

Library instructors experienced in online learning will be on hand to help facilitate discussions on the two break-out topics below.

Attendees are encouraged to share any best practices their libraries have developed around instruction. The intended outcome is a crowdsourced resource of practical strategies libraries are using to teach online.

Break-out discussion topics:

 In the interest of privacy, this meeting will not be recorded.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Feel free to forward to your instruction colleagues at other NC institutions! 

NCLINe Open Lab: "This is Weird." 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 2pm EST, via Zoom.

There’s no adequate way to describe the degree to which COVID-19 has so quickly and fiercely disrupted our personal and professional lives and, perhaps more importantly, the lives of the students we’re here to support. For those of us who weren’t already involved in online learning, either as a direct part of our jobs or through “other duties as assigned,” the last several weeks have been a massive scramble to replicate, as much as possible, our physical services in the online environment. For library and information literacy instruction, this is particularly challenging as we debate “synchronous vs. asynchronous” and balance the realities of reacting, while hopefully seeing the opportunities for positive change in our work when this crisis ends. This is inevitably tangled up with issues of accessibility, access to tools and tool know-how, timely communication with colleagues and patrons, and the number of hours in the day. We are stronger when we work together and, fortunately, we have a close-knit, knowledgeable, and creative community of academic librarians and library workers in North Carolina to lean on in times of crisis.

We invite you to join the North Carolina Library Instruction Network for an open lab we’re calling, “This is Weird.” This is not another webinar with a panel of experts showcasing more tools or best practices. This is an informal, unstructured, judgement-free hour of colleagues sharing our experiences, good, bad, and ugly, riding the waves of the last few weeks. Bring questions and share reflections about how you and others have handled the transition to remote library services and instruction, or just feel free to listen to what others have to say. In the interest of privacy, this meeting will not be recorded.