Monthly Network Gatherings

We're back! Join us on Wednesday, August 11th at 3pm for an
NCLINe Hangout: Prepping for (another) Weird Fall

In anticipation of yet another weird fall, we’re picking up where we left off after April’s great Share-out with a Hangout on August 11, 2021 from 3-4pm. To refresh your memory, NCLINe Hangouts are informal gatherings of academic librarians and library staff from across the state. They typically center on a theme and are designed to be opportunities to share and learn from each other - hopefully, the ideas exchanged will inform your teaching and student support.

For this Hangout, we’re preparing a series of guiding questions and small group discussions that address how things are shaping up at your institution and what your plans, hopes, and fears are heading into a new semester.

Please register for the (free) event at the following link:

We’ll also share information on other events we’re planning for the coming months and ways to get involved with NCLINe.

NCLINe Hangouts

Hangouts are live, open conversations for the NCLINe community where we can workshop problems and celebrate success stories.

NCLINe Share-Outs

Share-outs are semi-structured live events where a small slate of presenters from the NCLINe community will share 5-10 minute talks on a common theme, with time for discussion.

What topics are invited? From fun virtual icebreakers to effective discussion prompts, we want to hear about the practical teaching strategies you use to engage learners.